• Enhance communication and awareness of the issues impacting our city within the community and on the Council.

  • Work with the community and city public safety agencies to build trust and partnerships.

  • Develop a small business council to have a better working relationship with our small businesses and collaborate with them to overcome barriers to attracting new businesses.

  • Collaborate with nearby cities, the County, the Port and naval base to promote environmentally friendly policies and develop a sustainability strategy and a plan to increase renewable energy use by City facilities. I will also promote water recycling and preservation.

  • Collaborate with other cities, the County, other regional bodies, and the state to ensure that we are bringing necessary resources to increase affordable housing, reduce the number of unhoused individuals, and address increasing levels of food insecurity for our residents. 

Rabiah Rahman for Port Hueneme Council
P.O. Box 1112 Port Hueneme, CA 94044

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